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Copyright copy 2022 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. New Leaf is committed to delivering high-quality home remodeling and repair services at honest, affordable pricing. We back all of our work with a sixth-month : worry-free guarantee. Whether you are looking to update an existing hearth or install a custom fireplace, trust the pros at Hearth Using a HUD-authorized selling agent, make a bid on a property. Before any bid is made, the purchaser is urged to get a professional home inspection. As HUD properties are sold "as is," an inspection is the only way the buyer will be certain , and Home Shoppe to do it right. With over 50 years' experience, our experts are here to help design and install your fireplace renovation. There are also many choices when updating the surround face of the fireplace. Below are some of the latest trends in remodeling the fireplace surround and/or mantle: Ive always wanted to remodel our fireplace but it always got pushed to the bottom of the list. Until one day we had a slab leak. The leak happened to be near the fireplace. To save our flooring, we removed the floorboards so they would dry and not get damaged by the moisture. It may have been excessive but Im always nervous when it comes to dampness and mold. By removing the flooring we noticed that the wood trim around the right side of the fireplace was damp. So this gave me the perfect excuse and shove to tackle this remodel my homeIn this brand new HGTV series, viewers will watch as these busy parents of two take on flipping houses in the suburbs of Houston. In each episode of Going for Sold, the couple turns forgotten homes into charming and , affordable properties that appeal to young families looking for a high-end look without the hefty price , tag. "We all love the craft and love older homes," Lemieux says. Owning a home is one of those milestone life accomplishments that many of us dream of checking off our adult bucket list. But the reality is not everyone can afford their dream home, and though it’s undoubtedly a worthy financial investment, the unexpected, recurring costs of home renovations, repairs and maintenance can really add up. Television’s highest-rated home renovation series of all time—Extreme Makeover: Home Edition—is coming to HGTV. While it has not yet revealed the cast for the new episodes, HGTV will showcase its own superstar experts in the weekly race to complete a custom, whole home renovation for one deserving family.milwaukeenariThere are ways to put a Band-Aid on a not-so-great space that add up to less than a dinner out we’re looking at you, contact paper. If you’re planning a true kitchen renovation, however, your best bet is to lower labor costs and make it a rip-and-replace job, meaning the layout , of the kitchen stays the same, with """"""""


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